The Rosario Zepeda Foundation continues Rosario’s legacy of helping those in need. Since it’s inception in 2010, the foundation has been making a difference where it can.

In the rural villages of Mexico, there are not many opportunities for women. The expectation is that they take care of their home and family. There are not many jobs for women and the jobs available are generally reserved for men. If the man of house is unable to provide, the women suffer. Rosario Zepeda often gave all she had to help the poor women of her village, El Salitre, Mexico, survive.  Her legacy continues: More than 26 families depend on food and clothing donations provided by the Rosario Zepeda Foundation.

Many of the women are older and have been widowed.  Founder Betty Acosta personally travels to the village to distribute charitable donations to help these poor women. Just $50 per month makes such a huge difference in these families lives.

Sy Matthew Sherman is nine years old. He lives in Salinas and has been battling liver cancer for over eight months. After ten rounds of chemotherapy, he has endured more suffering than many people know in a lifetime. The Rosario Zepeda Foundation has been raising money to help with the medical payments. See Sy’s story at






Yoanna, a woman in Mexico needs emergency surgery. The Rosario Zepeda Foundation pays for the $1,000 surgery so that the woman may have a life-saving gall bladder operation.


Brenda Velazquez has earned outstanding achievement awards for her studies. She dreams of continuing her education. Her parents can’t afford to help her. The Rosario Zepeda Foundation steps in to help raise money, so this young woman can achieve her dreams.

The Uribes are hard-working farm laborers in Fresno. When their home was destroyed by lightening, they lost everything they owned. They had no insurance. Donations from the Rosario Zepeda Foundation have provided them with food, shelter, clothing and a bed to sleep on.

These are some of the stories about people that the Rosario Zepeda Foundation has helped. With your generous support, together we can help more of the poor that are struggling to make a better life for themselves. Many are subject to circumstances beyond their control. Even a small donation makes a difference.



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